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Powerful Action Steps

Setting precise, high quality action steps and holding others to account to practise are powerful levers in improving classroom teaching.

We help teachers and coaches accurately and quickly select the highest-impact action steps, resulting in a powerful effect on the quality of teaching and learning. We include a practice task for each action step, designed to help teachers practise and perfect skills before using them in the lesson.

Choose the path that best suits your needs:

Powerful Action Steps guides teachers and mentors in selection of the most powerful next step in a teacher's development. Use this tool if you don't want to follow a set sequence of action steps but would rather compile your own development sequence from our extensive list.

The Powerful Action Sequence is a carefully planned teacher development tool, building the right action steps and practice tasks in the ideal order for rapid development. Use this tool if you want guidance on where to start and what a powerful development trajectory looks like.

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